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Elements of Modern Physics

 Development of Quantum Theory, de-Broglie Wave and Wave Packet, Uncertainty Principle, Schrödinger Wave Equation, Applications of Schrödinger Equation, Atomic Model, Vector Atom Model, Atom in External Ma...

Developemental Biology Principles and Concepts

Contents : Introduction to Development Biology, Early Emproynic Development, Early Emproyonic Development, Late Emproynic Development, Postembryonic Development, Emproynic Developmental Biology and Medical Implications.

Goods and Services Tax - II

Contents : GST Rates, Valuation under GST, Input Tax Credit and Tax Invoice, Payment Process in GST and Returns of GST, Refund under GST

Indian Economics

Contents : Indian Ecomomy, National Income of India, Demographic features in India, Economic Plannung in India, Public Finance and Monetary Policy, Monetary and Fiscal Policy, Agriculture in India.

Introduction to Electromagnetic Theory

Contents : Electric Field and Electrostatic Potential, Electrostatic in Dielectrics Medium, Magnetostatics, Magnetostatics in Magnetic Medium, Faraday's Law, Maxwell's Equations, Electromagnetic Waves, Reflection and Refraction of Ele...